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Starter Kits Provide Inexpensive Entry into Balluff IO-Link

Measurement, sensing, and traceability versions available at promotional pricing.

Overview Io Link

Balluff’s IO-Link Starter kits provide an inexpensive introduction to IO-Link for customers interested in learning more about this powerful communication standard.

The kits, available in three different sets—measurement, sensing, and traceability—are designed to introduce key components so that customers new to Balluff IO-Link can evaluate the suitability of IO-Link for their specific applications and see the Balluff difference. All three kits include Balluff’s market leading IO-Link Master and I/O hub, Balluff inductive and capacitive sensors, DIN C style valve connectors, and a Balluff three-segment SmartLight tower light. Devices specific to each area of application are also included.

The IO-Link Starter Kits also include Balluff’s Device Manager software and videos demonstrating configuration and monitoring of each included device. There is no programmable logic controller required for device configuration. All required cables and connectors are also included.

The kits, which carry a retail value of more than $3,000, are available at the promotional price of $699 for customers who have not used Balluff IO-Link in last two years.

“IO-Link is the ideal solution for faster, more flexible, more efficient and more adaptable production. These kits give our customers an inexpensive way to discover first-hand the benefit of not only IO-Link, but specifically Balluff IO-Link. They can feel the robustness of our products and learn what these systems can do for them,” said Shishir Rege, Balluff technical sales specialist.

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