Edge Programmable Industrial Controller Update

Opto 22 has released Version 3.0 of the groov EPIC platform with multiple new features, including centralized user management via LDAP.

Opto22 Epic

Version 3.0 of the groov EPIC (edge programmable industrial controller) platform introduces centralized user management via LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) and improved maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities for remote installations. With LDAP, rather than defining user access profiles repeatedly for individual network devices, IT administrators can define permissions once and manage them centrally across an organization. Version 3.0 also includes: Node-Red upgraded to version 1.1.3, with improvements to the editor and core nodes plus support for Websockets connections for data-rich client-side apps; standalone PID capability for groov Manage, allowing for control of up to 96 PID loops without any programming in PAC Control or CODESYS; and enhanced MQTT/Sparkplug B support with the ability to publish more tag properties. 

Find out more at opto22.com.

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