Wireless Sensor System

Dec. 4, 2020
Swift Sensor's new Series 3 wireless sensor features increased sensor range, extended battery life, one-touch sensor activation for immediate measurements, and much more.

The Series 3 wireless sensor system incorporates BLE5 technology with Nordic nRF52840 system-on-chip cryptography, multiprotocol communication, and power management features to increase the sensor range up to 300 feet, increase the number of sensors that each gateway can securely support, and extend sensor battery life to six to eight years. The Series 3 sensors also include a predictive vibration sensor that adds peak-to-peak, RMS, and crest factor monitoring. Other improvements include: a water-resistant (IP 67) sensor; one- touch sensor activation for immediate measurements with zero configuration; an internet status LED that shows if the gateway is connected to the internet, connected locally, or not connected; enhanced web app and LED indicators that simplify gateway Wi-Fi setup; and an optional USB cellular network module for deployments where Ethernet and Wi-Fi are not available.

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