High-Power Ethernet Switches

Antaira Technologies recently announced the expansion of their 902.3bt PoE Ethernet family. Find out how their new seven-port managed Ethernet switches are designed to address high-power needs industrial needs.

11 Antaira High Power Ethernet Switches

Antaira Technologies is proud to announce the expansion of its industrial 802.3bt PoE Ethernet family with the introduction of the LMP-0702G-SFP-bt(-T)-V2 and LMP-0702G-SFP-bt-24(- T)-V2 series. These seven-port managed Ethernet switches are designed to address the need for high-power 802.3bt PoE++ connectivity solutions for industrial applications. The rugged LMP-0702G-SFP- bt(-T)-V2 Ethernet switch is designed for applications that require up to 90 Watts of PoE power. When applied in automation, the LMP-0702G- SFP-bt-24(-T)-V2 provides the same high power PoE++ with a wider range of input voltage to power the switch. Both the LMP-0702G-SFP-bt-V2 and LMP-0702G-SFP-bt-24-V2 series are light layer 3 industrial managed Ethernet switches, with 48 to 55V DC high voltage power input (LMP-0702G-SFP-bt-V2) and a 12 to 55V DC wide voltage power input (LMP-0702G-SFP-bt-24-V2). 

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