Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

The LNX-1600 series by Antaira Technologies is built to serve manufacturer's edge-level networking application needs in harsh and outdoor environments.

2 Antaira Technologies Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

Antaira Technologies’ LNX-1600 series of industrial-grade equipment is Ethernet ready to fulfill various markets’ edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments. These devices support high-density Ethernet port connectivity, DIN-rail mount installation, and have a high reliability factor. LNX-1600 series unmanaged Ethernet switches offer 16 Ethernet ports with each port supporting up to 100Mbps. This product series has an IP30 rated metal casing design that can support DIN-rail and wall mountable orientations. Operating temperature options include a standard (-10°C to 65°C) model or an extended (-40°C to 75°C) model.

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