Free e-Brochure: Cutting Costs with High Speed Ethernet

March 4, 2010
EtherCAT® isn't just about ultra high speed performance, it's also about saving money. EtherCAT features cost effective Cat 5 cabling and supports flexible wiring topologies without requiring switches. EtherCAT devices based on standard, open technology from Beckhoff can help boost your bottom line.

EtherCAT has considerable cost benefits, especially when compared with conventional fieldbus systems. Special hardware in the master or a communication communication coprocessor is not necessary. A cost-effective EtherCAT Slave Controller handles all time-critical tasks in the slave, so that there are no demands for processor power from the communication side, resulting in low connection costs. Standard Ethernet cables and connectors, which are available at a lower cost than comparable fieldbus components, are sufficient. No active infrastructure devices such as switches are required. This also applies to associated power supply units, installation and parameterisation. Due to the high speed of EtherCAT, no network tuning (often required for fieldbuses) is needed. Address selection can be automatic, saving associated costs. 

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