Apprion and Security: Where There Is A Threat There Is Also Opportunity

Jan. 26, 2010
Apprion understands the complications of securing your plant, and we'd like to help by introducing you to wireless application networks.
The benefits of Wireless Application Networks over the wired alternative include: • No infrastructure barriers during implementation • Up to 10% less in deployment costs • Minimal operational disruption - 5x - 10x lower • Rapid installation process - 10x faster • Delivers 100% complete reliability and security.You only have so much time and budget to address the security threats facing your organization. A physical or cyber security attack has drastic implications in an industrial setting while increasing industry security requirements and governmental mandates place additional pressure on your facilities.What if there was a way to address security threats and mandates without having to fight for limited capital dollars in a tight budget for a complicated, standalone system that has hidden additional costs in customization and requires even more budgetary resources and staff to manage and maintain year after year?Download assessment