TURCK Introduces New Tray Cable White Paper, Detailing Uses, Standards and Applications

May 9, 2012
TURCK releases a new white paper, Identifying Tray Cables for Your Next Installation, to assist operators in defining, selecting and understanding tray cable uses and standards.

While the term ‘tray cable’ is being heard everywhere, many users still do not know what exactly a tray cable is or how it benefits certain applications. This white paper will help define:

  • What a tray cable is
  • Describe the different types of tray cables
  • Provide uses and standards for each type of tray cable

Understanding what tray cables are and the basics of the many types that are available is a good first step towards using them properly. Also included in the white paper is an easy-to-use reference guide laying out the uses and governing standards for each cable type included in the paper.