Vibration Fork Liquid Level Switches

ProSense VFL Series Vibration Fork Level Switches from AutomationDirect use tuning fork technology for reliable liquid point level detection for monitoring, alarming, and control applications.

1911np Automationdirect2

The switch tuning forks vibrate at their natural frequency; when they contact a liquid, their vibration frequency changes and triggers the switch output. The switches are suitable for use in tanks, vessels, and pipes, and for applications where other liquid point level technologies such as float switches or conductive, optical and capacitance sensors are not suitable due to conductivity, turbulence, buildup, air bubbles, foam, pressure, temperature, and viscosity changes. The switches are available in two process connection sizes with short and extended insertion lengths, standard and high temperature constructions, and a three-wire DC switch output for connection to controller inputs or a two-wire AC/DC switch for control of valves and pumps.

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