Clutch Brakes Provide Low Cost per Cycle

Posidyne X class clutch brakes from Force Control Industries feature oil shear technology that allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning without adjustment and with virtually no maintenance.

Posidyne X Class Input

Suitable for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, the devices allow cycle rates as high as 300 cycles per minute and service life of 20 to 40 million cycles. With speed and precision, they allow machine designers to run at higher cycle rates and quality levels or design new machines for higher performance at a reasonable cost. Unlike dry clutches and brakes, oil shear technology provides a film of transmission fluid between the brake disc and the drive plate. As the fluid is compressed, the fluid molecules in shear transmit torque to the other side. This torque transmission causes the two components to reach the same relative speed. Since most of the work is done by the fluid particles in shear, wear is virtually eliminated. Elimination of wear also eliminates the need for adjustments which are common for dry braking systems, especially spring-set brakes. The clutch brakes are suitable for OEM applications including conveyors, packaging machinery, food processing, meat packing, dynamite/gunpowder processing, production machinery, extruder cut-offs, palletizers, feeders, inserters, loaders, cut-offs, fillers, and more.

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