Ball Splines Eliminate Backlash

NB Ball Splines have recirculating steel balls on the side of the outer race that are designed for high speed rotation and to eliminate backlash.

1911np Nb

From robotics to transport equipment, the ball splines are comprised of a shaft with raceway grooves and a nut assembly consisting of an outer cylinder, retainer, side rings and ball elements. The combination of specially designed spline nut and shaft provides reliably smooth motion, high load capacity and long travel life because of large ball contact areas and machined grooves that maintain a close radius between shaft and nut components, with precise high torque transmission capability with an effective contact angle between shaft and ball elements, adjustable preloads that can be configured to deliver higher rigidity and positioning accuracy, and high-speed motion performance because of the well-balanced, compact outer cylinder design. Units are available in 16 standard and customizable shaft sizes with diameters from 4 mm to 100 mm. There are 6 different nut (the outer cylinder that retains the ball elements) styles. The ball splines are suitable for high-speed motion and high-speed rotation. Material options include martensite stainless. 3-D CAD is also available.

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