Wireless Door Sensor for Advanced Asset Security with Real-Time Notifications

Nov. 20, 2019
The WMS Wireless Door Sensor from SkyBitz is for users currently tracking and monitoring their truck and trailer assets within the company’s SmartTrailer ecosystem.

The sensor provides real-time notifications of door open and close events, either at specified landmarks or anywhere other than a specified landmark. This enables users to address common liability issues associated with managing remote trailers, containers, and cargo such as unauthorized use or theft. Plus, in conjunction with TMS data, users can know precisely when a trailer loading event has been completed. Wireless capability allows for a quick installation as the device itself can be set up in as little as ten minutes. Users can confirm operation using the SkyBitz Tools mobile application. Compatible with the SkyBitz GXT5002C, the sensor translates data securely through the SkyBitz portal sending real-time notifications via email or text, which makes it a valuable tool for customers with intermodal containers, trailers or other assets that transport goods through remote areas.
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