Handheld Resistance Weld Checker

The MM-410A from Amada Miyachi enables operators to monitor and manage key welding variables that result in changes in weld heat such as current, voltage, time, and force.

1912np Amada

The compact, handheld unit supports a wide range of resistance welding technologies including AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor and capacitive discharge. It features a simple and intuitive user interface and color touch panel display. The unit is useful in process troubleshooting, where it can correlate waveform and numeric data with process results and provide detailed weld data for process optimization and validation. If used continuously in a production environment, it reduces scrap by detecting drifts in the weld process and alerting operators before process failure. It also reduces the frequency of destructive testing and provides an independent way of monitoring the welding power supply by detecting any drifts in welding power supply calibration. The unit provides ISO17657-compliant measurement for current (when used with available ISO-compliant toroidal coil). It offers easy setup using the 5.7-inch color touch panel. The seam welding mode monitors AC current and voltage or DC voltage for up to 5 minutes. Data storage is available using an onboard flash drive. The monitor offers Ethernet (TCP/IP), and RS-232/485 communication. Multi-language support includes English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, and French. Available accessories include toroidal coils, force sensors, and current/force sensors.

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