Helical Bevel Gearboxes with Cast-Iron Frames

The IronHorse HBR series of helical bevel gearboxes from AutomationDirect combines the helical gearset with a bevel gearset to create an output perpendicular to the input.

1`912np Automationdirect

All gearboxes in the series are hollow shaft output and accept double or single shafts. Dual and single output shaft kits are available. Helical gears offer a smoother, quieter operation than most other gear types. The universally interchangeable compact design ensures easy OEM replacement and provides flexible installation with C-face and TC-face inputs, perpendicular output and six mounting positions. Five gearbox sizes support 56C up to 254/6TC NEMA motor frames and six ratios are available from 10:1 to 120:1. The gearboxes are sized to handle from 1 to 24 hp motors, and feature cast-iron (FCD45) one-piece housings and high hardness alloy steel (20CrMO) pinions and gears.

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