InGaAs Line Scan Camera for Inline Nondestructive Inspection Using SWIR imaging

Jan. 2, 2020
Hamamatsu’s C15333-10E InGaAs line scan camera uses SWIR (short-wavelength infrared) imaging.

The unit is a high-sensitivity, low-noise camera with a fast line rate, and is suitable for industrial needs. Its high sensitivity in the SWIR region from 950 nm to 1700 nm, 1024-pixel array with 12.5 µm x 12.5 µm pixel size, and built-in pixel correction functions all contribute to high-accuracy inspection. The unit also ensures highly efficient and high-throughput inspection thanks to its fast line rate (40 kHz max.) and GigE interface. In addition, its compact design and low cost make it easy to integrate into inline inspection systems. The camera's dimensions are 49 mm x 49 mm x 100 mm, and it weighs only 250 g. In terms of cost, it is less expensive than InGaAs 2D cameras.

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