Differential Measurement System

The KD-5100 differential measurement system from Kaman Precision Products provides resolution to a nanometer of positional change.

1912np Kaman

Featuring stable design, extremely small size—2 x 2.12 x 0.75 inches thick—and low power consumption, the measurement system is suitable for night vision systems, precision telescope positioning, fast steering mirrors (FSM) for space-based and airborne applications, and image stabilization systems. It is manufactured to MIL-H-38534, with MIL-SPEC components used throughout the electronics module wherever possible. MTBF is better than 238,000 hours in a space flight environment and 55,000 hours in a tactical environment. For applications where mil-spec requirements, size, weight and power consumption are not critical, the company also offers a commercial version, the DIT-5200. The unit features two precisely matched sensors per channel that give resolution to a nanometer; thermal and long-term stability of 5x10-6 inches/month or better, sensitivity up to 10 V/mil (394 mV/mm) and power consumption of less than 2 W @ ±15 VDC typical.

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