Clamp-On Compressed Air Flow Meter

Jan. 2, 2020
The FD-G Series from Keyence helps facility managers and other users discover, quantify, and prevent issues associated with facility wide compressed air usage.

As those in charge of manufacturing facilities are well aware, compressor usage is one of the highest contributors to energy bills. But most facilities do not understand how much air is required on a regular basis, and therefore run multiple compressors continuously to make sure there is always enough. This meter makes it possible to determine a baseline for how much air a facility truly needs by monitoring overall usage after the receiver tank. Optimizing compressor usage and addressing any newly discovered pipe leaks can lead to electricity cost savings in the tens of thousands of dollars. Along with providing a baseline for total facility usage, additional units can monitor specific machine drop points or branch pipes, enabling users to quickly view graphical and numerical data from the display unit; this includes air consumption amounts as well as leakage amounts. With network communication, control outputs, analog outputs, and optional software available, accessing critical information is simple. This allows for trending air usage and tracking results over time, making the unit a powerful preventative maintenance tool.

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Keyence Corp