120 W Triple Output Programmable Power Supply for Automated Test Applications

The ABI Programmable Power Supply (PPS) from Saelig suits a wide variety of test and measurement scenarios and can be automated.

1912np Saelig

Part of the ABI System 8 series of automated test modules, the PPS can also be used as a versatile standalone PC-controlled power supply. Each output is independently adjustable and can provide 40 W of power (1 A @ 40 V rising to 8 A @ 5 V under all AC supply conditions) with a resolution of 1 mV and 1 mA. All channels are isolated and have equal capabilities. The output polarity can be reversed under software control. Channels can be combined into arbitrary groups for easy multichannel control;, any number of channels can be added to a group, and up to three independent groups can be created. Grouped channels remain isolated but work to achieve a common goal; these include: Isolated Voltage Tracking, with each channel set equal to the group's voltage limit but with independent current control; Voltage Stacking, for use when voltages above 40 V are required channels can be externally wired in series; and Parallel, for use when currents greater than 8 A are required. The PPS features remote sense and low ripple/noise, suits a wide variety of test and measurement scenarios, and can be preprogrammed with the company’s Ultimate sequencing software.

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