Pilotless, Spring-loaded Back Pressure Valve

The Daniel V707 valve increases reliability and reduces spill risks for the crude oil industry.

2003np Emerson

The valve features an adjustable spring that does not require diaphragms or pilots, making it suitable for the crude oil industry—especially for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) skids. Most back pressure valves use rubber diaphragms that are prone to wear, failure and leakage, and have pressure limits to operation. Alternative technologies such as gas loaded valves require the user to maintain a nitrogen control system. In both cases, operators are required to integrate a second valve on the LACT skid as a check point. This valve includes an integrated check valve for two in one functionality. It is based on the company’s Daniel 700 Series valve design which includes a metal-to-metal seat and protected O-rings to handle harsh crude oil conditions. While users have to stop operations to maintain and replace diaphragm valves, this valve will ensure minimum maintenance. Additionally, the cost of ownership of the new valve will typically be half of an equivalent diaphragm valve for the first three years given the reduction in service hours and associated maintenance needed.

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