Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation Solution Predicts Distortion during 3D Printing

March 18, 2020
Additive Manufacturing (AM) Path Optimizer from Siemens combines physics-based simulation with machine learning to analyze a full job file before execution on the machine.

The simulation technology is designed to help maximize the production yield and quality of powder bed fusion manufactured parts, and to help users solve overheating challenges, reduce scrap and increase production yield to achieve the industrialization of additive manufacturing. It addresses errors originating from suboptimal scan strategies and process parameters, which can lead to systematic failures due to overheating and cause scrap and inconsistencies in component quality. The product is fully integrated into the company’s end-to-end additive manufacturing offering, which assists manufacturers in designing and printing useful parts at scale. It is expected to help achieve “first time right” prints and drastically reduce trial and error. It can also help reduce printing costs and enable the printing of components that are nearly impossible to achieve today.

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