EtherCAT-Enabled Microprocessor

Aug. 8, 2023

The new RZ/T2L MPU from Renesas inherits the hardware architecture of the RZ/T2M and works with EtherCAT communications. The new MPU delivers high-speed, real-time processing performance while reducing the chip size by up to 50% compared to the RZ/T2M. The RZ/T2L is equipped with an Arm Cortex R52 CPU with a maximum operating frequency of 800 MHz and an EtherCAT slave controller for Ethernet communication. All internal RAM is equipped with error correction code function, and the 576 KB memory directly connected to the CPU reduces unpredictability in execution time caused by cache memory. The RZ/T2L also offers peripheral functions such as multi-protocol encoder interfaces for angle sensors, Sigma-Delta interfaces, and A/D converters.