New Cable Entry Frames for the Food & Beverage

Feb. 26, 2024
The cable management specialist icotek presents its new cable entry frames KEL-ER-BL.

The KEL-ER-BL is a split cable entry frame for cables with and without plugs. Depending on the size, cables with a diameter of 1 to 35 mm are inserted, sealed with IP65 and, at the same, time strain-relieved in accordance with DIN EN 62444. IP65 protection is achieved through the injected seal and the use of single grommets. The cable grommets are placed into compartments and are securely fixed into the frame during assembly. After the assembly is complete, the end cover is screwed on.

The new cable entry frame fits standard cut-outs for 10-, 16- and 24-pin heavy-duty connectors. The cut-out size can be up to 46 mm instead of 36 mm, meaning that cables with larger connectors can also be routed. The size KEL-ER-BL-B is based on cut-out size 46 x 46 mm (e.g. for controllers and meters). The single-row version KEL-ER-BL-E is characterized by its space-saving design and is ideal for confined spaces and for cables with flat connectors (e.g. Sub-D).

The KEL-ER-BL in the signal color blue is primarily used in the sector of food packaging and food processing machines where there is no direct contact with food. Products in this signal color are also often used in the pharmaceutical sector. An additional blue flat rubber gasket is included in the shipment. Samples, certificates and further information can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.