Metal Welders

June 20, 2024

Emerson has released the Branson Series GMX-Micro, a line of high-precision ultrasonic metal welders with a computerized operating system. With 4,000 watts of welding power, the GMX- Micro 4400W is equipped with a standard weld stack, while the 5,500-watt GMX- Micro 5500W is available with either a standard metal welding stack or a direct press weld stack. The GMX-Micro welders include an upgraded pneumatic actuation system for faster resetting. Their actuators feature dual linear bearings, integral height calibration and a linear encoder with five-micron resolution that eliminates the need for external measurement devices. Users of the all-new GMX-Micro power supplies can manage welder functions through a standard 7-inch LCD touchscreen or optional extended display. The new GMX-Micro series are built on a compact, modular chassis, with two styles based on the choice of normal or direct-press actuator and designed to simplify configuration.