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Keep Tabs on System Health

ION System Health Monitoring is designed to provide real-time analysis and visualization of the health of any and all operational systems.

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ION System Health Monitoring provides one unified view for simplicity, organization and visibility into all the information, activities and details of a facility’s complex network systems. This unified view is designed to give a workforce one record with many views for better accountability, less complexity and more impactful information. Real-time, at-a-glance views of the health of entire systems, subsystems and their components in one central console enables managers to proactively monitor and manage all components of a system. The system supports unlimited, personalized views. Other features include: behind-the-scenes logistics that organize and aggregate all relevant data; status reporting, diagnostics and alert mechanisms on system components and instruments; and alerts based on configurable parameters, compound rules and thresholds for distinguishing among minor, major and critical alarms. ION System Health Monitoring is integrated with the IONosphere as part of the vendor’s ION System.

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