Remote Control for Liquid Hydrocarbons

The ROC800L liquid hydrocarbon remote controller is designed to measure and control a wide range of liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, refined products, specialty products, lubricating oils and light hydrocarbons.

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It is well-suited for applications from oil well testing and net oil computations to custody transfer and leak detection. Leveraging the vendor’s ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller architecture with its ease of use and quick installation, the ROC800L’s straightforward, fill-in-the blanks approach to configuration covers a variety of applications, and the remote controller is quickly configured using ROClink 800 software. The device can also be programmed to perform many PLC functions using FST (Function Sequence Tables) or the vendor’s DS800 programming tool, which uses any of the familiar languages defined by IEC Standard 61131-3. The ROC800L has been tested and found to meet the requirements of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for liquid flow computers.
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