Controller Boosts Flow Rates

The GF Series ultra-high purity mass flow controllers have been enhanced to deliver a new level of performance and flexibility.

Aw 1254 1011 Brooks
Flow rates available on the GF Series have been increased from the previous 3 sccm-to-30 slpm to a new full-scale flow rate of 55 slpm. The modular, user-programmable, metal-sealed GF Series mass flow controller features MultiFlo technology, which enables simple re-programming of the gas and full scale range in less than 30 seconds without removing the mass flow controller from the gas line, says the vendor. Compared to traditional single point gas conversion factors, MultiFlo mass flow controllers are said to deliver up to a three-times improvement in accuracy through the application of advanced gas modeling and compensation for non-ideal/non-linear gases.

Brooks Instrument LLC

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