Wireless I/O Modems

June 1, 2005
A line of four HopNet wireless I/O modems include the HNIO-091R and HNIO-241R relay modems, which operate at 900MHz and 2.4GHZ respectively, and the 900MHz HNIO-091A and 2.4GHz HNIO-241A analog/digital modems.

These wireless modems feature bidirectional transmission and employ the vendor’s patented frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, designed to deliver critical data regardless of environment or conditions. The relay modems provide four 250VAC 5A relays, and the analog-digital modems provide two 4-20mA receivers and transmitters along with two digital I/O channels. Unlike wireless data transceivers, wireless I/O modems transmit voltage or digital signals rather than serial data streams. Analog/digital models are typically used to relay key levels of sensor data, while relay units control the state of such equipment as light fixtures, alarms and locks.