Production Process: MES Enhanced with SQL to Link Manufacturing and ERP

Aug. 23, 2013
The ProductionACE manufacturing execution system (MES) has been enhanced with an SQL database to provide a universal near real-time integration between ERP and production operations.

The system uses Machine Data Transducers (MDT) to provide data collection from all types of manufacturing equipment; MDTs accept simple electrical machine operating signals instead of a more complicated serial data connection. Coupling MDT's capability with a SQL database provides manufacturers with a practical and universal means to integrate ERP with all types of discrete manufacturing. Integrating manufacturing and ERP is useful for a number of reasons. It develops accurate delivery promises: download of master production schedule to each production machine generates ship dates calculated using current conditions and machine constraints. It eliminates manual data collection labor and improves work-in-process and inventory accuracy with error-free, electronic record keeping. It enables ERP systems to easily collect manufacturing data as mandated by regulatory bodies. And it simplifies ERP implementation by exchanging production data through SQL tables, thus eliminating the need for ERP suppliers to be involved in the complexities of equipment interfaces.

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Production Process

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