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Advanced process controls have become much easier—and cheaper—to install and maintain thanks to evolving technical developments.

Is MPC or Advanced Regulatory Control Right for Me?
The “culture of MPC” might unduly influence some companies to implement MPC, when in some cases, advanced regulatory control implemented right in the DCS control blocks might actually provide the best solution.

Advanced Control Methods as ‘Commodities’
Advanced process control (APC) methods used to be so advanced as to be esoteric—too complex and unusable except by a few high-level experts. Today, however, it seems APC is little talked about for an entirely different reason: It’s become a commodity.

Greg McMillan on PID Control
A unified approach to advanced control can make utilizing the full power of PID less of an art and more of a documented, fast and straightforward procedure. This column, first in a series of “User Views,” will cover the original development of process control technologies, and the scope of the application opportunities. By Greg McMillan, retired Senior Fellow from Monsanto-Solutia and an ISA Fellow.

Pulp/Paper and Power Gen Industries Embrace Advanced Control
Oil & gas has a much better understanding of the need for advanced process control (APC).

Zeroing in on Advanced Process Control
While veteran users seek advances in model maintenance and software implementation, industries like pulp & paper and power generation are just discovering modern APC tools. The result is optimized processes requiring far less effort to keep them optimized.

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