BellHawk Systems: Low-Cost Work-in-Process Tracking Software

Dec. 4, 2013
BellHawk Work-in-Process tracking software (WIPS) enables manufacturers and other industrial organizations to track the real-time progress of jobs through a sequence of operations.

It also enables the capture of the labor hours on each operation, as well as the elapsed time. WIPS uses a web-browser interface and can be accessed using a wide range of devices. WIPS can be installed on a Windows server in a client's own plant, at a remote data center, or in the cloud. Data can be collected using inexpensive PCs equipped with low-cost barcode scanners. It can also be used with wireless mobile computers that have integral barcode scanners as well as with ruggedized tablets equipped with Bluetooth scanners.

BellHawk WIPS is priced at $2,500 plus $250 per user or shared barcode scanning device. WIPS is part of the BellHawk line of Inventory and Work-in-Process Tracking solutions. It uses BellHawk's open-architecture approach, which facilitates the implementation of automated data exchange interfaces with a wide range of other systems. It uses the same SQL Server database as the full version of BellHawk and is readily upgradable as the organization's need for data-collection automation grows.

WIPS enables production managers to enter work orders and associate a stored route of operations with the work order. This can then be used to print out a barcoded traveler on an office printer. This traveler is then scanned in and out of operations at each work center to track the progress of each job as well as to record the labor consumed on each job step.

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