Start with Recipes to Program CIP Controls

Feb. 10, 2014
Use the recipe-based approach for programming CIP control systems

Use the recipe-based approach for programming CIP control systems:

1. Develop a method of providing recipes that uniquely identifies the procedures for the preparation of detergent solutions and the cleaning process itself. Here it’s useful to employ the tabular method of describing the recipes, in which each step in the recipe procedure describes the conditions necessary for being in the step, the actions that will be performed in the step and the conditions for transition to other steps in the procedure.

2. If for some reason you cannot use commercially available software, the new program should have the state machine, which is independent of the recipe, and the diagnostic subsystem to determine whether process parameters are in acceptable conditions. Such a program should be designed taking into account the fact that the cleaning recipe inevitably will require adjustments.

3. It’s very useful to have a technical screen so that the CIP operator can see the whole recipe state: steps already performed with actual values for their parameters, the current step of the recipe with the values of the actual parameters, and the steps that have to be done.

4. Cleaning is a very expensive and environmentally unfriendly operation, so testing of cleaning recipes on the CIP simulation is certainly useful. For this purpose, suitable simulation is based on the use of the inertial links and the simplified balance calculations of volumes of liquid components and heat. Subsequently, the same model can be used for operator training.

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