Cenit: Digital Factory Software Platform

May 8, 2015
FASTSUITE Edition 2 combines machine based simulation, offline programming for robotics, virtual work cell layout, and component handling in one platform.

The platform is designed to fill the gap between large PLM-based software providers and smaller proprietary simulation systems offered by robot manufacturers. The stand-alone simulation platform is focused on combining manufacturing concept validation, offline programming, and the virtual commissioning of production systems. It is non-proprietary with regards to vendor, process and technology, which allows for the integration and use of any robotic, machine, human or logistics component in a single simulation environment. Features include ease of use and efficient programming functions for any robotic application, as well as versatility and openness. Using standards for data exchange along with the automated optimization of such data, the platform can easily operate with any existing CAD/CAM or PLM landscape. The main focus of the software is initially aimed at programming, simulating and the virtual commissioning of machine and robotic-based automation cells and lines. Software modules for material flow and human behavior simulations as well as additional aspects of process planning will be added in the medium term to broaden the solution spectrum.

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CENIT North America, Inc.

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