Toolbox Enables System-Level Modeling with CAD Designs

Maplesoft's MapleSim CAD Toolbox allows engineers to understand and improve their mechanical designs by bringing their CAD assemblies into MapleSim.

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The new toolbox makes it easy to import CAD models into MapleSim, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform, so engineers can learn how their designs will behave as part of a larger, multidomain system, and apply the advanced analysis tools of MapleSim to investigate and optimize their designs and final application. The Toolbox imports CAD models directly into MapleSim, recreating the model components and preserving their kinetic and kinematic properties as well as the spatial relationships between components. It offers feature detection, allowing users to add new coordinates easily at points of interest, such as the center of a hole or along the edge of a component, and it makes it easy to share coordinate frames between separate bodies, ensuring the bodies will be properly aligned when joined. The toolbox handles files from virtually any CAD system through direct support for a large number of proprietary formats, including those from Inventor, NX, and SOLIDWORKS, as well as the widely supported STEP and STL files formats. Once in MapleSim, the models can be shared with other MapleSim users, or online using the MapleSim Server, without requiring that the end user have access to the original CAD system or CAD files.

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