Modeling and Simulation Platform

March 13, 2017
A new release of Maplesoft’s MapleSim features new live simulations for increased design productivity, 3-D overlay for comparing simulation visualizations and improved revision control tools that facilitate large projects involving multiple engineers working on the same model.

The latest release provides tools that increase engineering design productivity during model development, as well as significant additions to toolchain connectivity that offer greater cross-tool compatibility and opportunities for co-simulation. Live simulations let engineers see results as the simulation is running so they can track progress and investigate unexpected results immediately. Other enhancements include a new 3-D overlay for comparing simulation visualizations, which makes it easy to see changes in the behavior of the model under different conditions, and tools for revision control that facilitate large projects involving multiple engineers working on the same model. In addition to exporting models to the internationally recognized FMI standard, the platform now also supports direct import of models created in other FMI-compatible software, for both model exchange and co-simulation. Models exported by FMI-compatible modeling tools, such as LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim or Dymola, can be easily imported and used like any other model or subsystem. In this way, engineers can immediately leverage models developed using other software while taking advantage of the advanced modeling and analysis tools of tis platform when developing their system-level designs.

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