Process Data Collection Software

June 30, 2017
HTM Sensors Inc. and Route1 Inc. are partnering to deliver Spotlight, Powered by MobiNET, a secure technology that delivers real-time industrial data analytics on data collected from PLCs and other automation devices including IIoT.

The software provides quantitative-based actionable information to drive industrial process efficiency and maximize productivity while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost, ensuring security, ease of deployment and scalability. It includes the following principal components. An Industrial hardened Data Collection Device (DCD) resides in the user’s plant and is programmed to communicate, using industry standard OPC/UA, with PLCs and other controlling devices. It is internally firewalled from the plant’s network. The DCD is a high security industrial device that is designed for deployment onto the plant floor while remaining isolated from all extraneous interactions. The plant does not need to open any inbound firewall ports – all data is encrypted and transmitted using Route1’s CryptoPath high assurance communication service. DCDs are issued unique X.509 (PKI) credentials to ensure reliable mutual authentication of all end-points. The platform combines the strength of a PKI technology with the trust and flexibility of multi-factor authentication, meeting the security mandates and policies established by governments, defense organizations and commercial enterprises.

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