Analytics Software for Mining and Process Manufacturing

March 20, 2019
TrendMiner 2019.R1 features a new visual representation of time-series data, plus usability enhancements.

The software enables process and asset experts to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance through trend analysis of time-series data. The new 'Stacked Trend View' enables the display of trend data within separate lanes, vertically stacked and aligned. This is an addition to TrendMiner's well known trend view, which gives a clearer view on all trend data. The interface allows the user to move the trend lines from one lane to another by simply dragging and dropping tags to combine similar measurements (for example, to compare performance of similar production lines or various reactors on a production site). The Stacked Trend View can also be used to represent golden fingerprints, to compare the live performance of multiple assets or to highlight the relationship of normally disparate elements of a production process. In predictive mode, the most likely evolution of process behavior can be visually represented in separate lanes, identifying the need of intervention when and where required for optimum yield and product quality. The newest enhancements include date-pickers for double slider for more accurate selection of the start and end date of time periods of interest; custom time spans for focus charts; and a keyword filter:

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