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Get Visual, New Production and Planning Software

The updated Proficy Scheduler 4.1 software offers an interactive graphical view of the plant to improve production planning.

Aw 8008 Geproficyscheduleer

Factory automation is all about materials being ready for production and planning software can be a valuable tool in making that happen. The updated Proficy Scheduler 4.1 software, from GE Intelligent Platforms (, provides a view of future resource impact for production managers by integrating Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) systems and/or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). With these integration points, the planning software can track production, consumption and events that impact production schedules. 

Suited for many batch industries, this integrated software can obtain order and bills of materials automatically, forecasts order completion times on real production rates, optimize and balance a production plan with reources, and track actual measured production, consumption, waste and yields straight to ERP systems automatically. The software also provides reports and analysis tools. 

New features in the 4.1 software include tool operations, alternate routes and the sequencer. Tool operations is relevant for manufacutuers who need specific tools to run specific products, such as a plastic injection molder with many sizes and types. The sequencer feature enables control of the calculation of individual work time steps of an operation—setup, workload and changeovers—and how to calculate the operation capacity (production rate). And alternate routes is a key component that provides manufacturers greater control and accuary for different setups, as it relates to using different equipments or plants to make the same product. 

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