Survey Points to Effective Data Management

If you can't understand it, you can't control it. Big data is ubiquitous in today’s business world and the challenge going forward is how to manage a large number of data points.

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Recently, Automation World conducted a brief, five-question survey on the state of manufacturing intelligence in plants and factories. The survey concludes, not surprisingly, that plant data is driving decision-making. Survey results show that 85% of respondents agree that their company "depends on data to support decision-making." Almost as many ascribe to the notion that "better information flow within our company lowers costs and improves performance."

While the majority of respondents (74%) believe their company has "the data (and a system in place) to make decisions, 50% of respondents only "somewhat agree" with that statement.

Similarly, 55% of respondents believe plant personnel have the manufacturing intelligence systems in place to "replicate a good idea or decision," the vast majority (40% of respondents) only "somewhat agree" with that statement, pointing to a gap.

The survey was sent in January 2012 and consisted of 303 respondents in process, batch, and the discrete industries, after automation supplier responses were eliminated.

This independent Automation World survey was commissioned by Rockwell Software in support of its Manufacturing Intelligence in Action Event.


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