MES/MOM Global Education Program Launched

Feb. 4, 2011
A new certificate program from MESA International, as well as recent market research from Frost & Sullivan, may signal growing importance for manufacturing execution systems in today’s post-recession environment.

Don’t know your MES from your MOM? If you’re an automation professional, you likely know that MES stands for manufacturing execution system and that MOM stands for manufacturing operations management. But that doesn’t mean that you’re competent in either.

In fact, MESA International (, a nonprofit organization, believes that the time is right for an education program that “aims to remove the recognized lack of wide-scale MES/MOM competency as a barrier to plant and supply chain optimization and global operations excellence.” MESA, which stands for Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association, announced on Jan. 17 that it is launching the MESA Global Education Program, delivering independent competency training in MES/MOM.

The initial programs will focus on MES/MOM methodologies and business awareness, MESA said, with two certificates offered. The “MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC): MES/MOM Methodologies” involves a four-day, comprehensive program of MES/MOM Methodologies courses aimed at systems analysts, architects, programmers, project managers and consultants. The “MESA Certificate of Awareness (CoA): MES/MOM Business Awareness” will be earned through a two-day, high-level program of MES/MOM Business Functions courses geared for executives, manufacturing/operations and information technology (IT) personnel and sales professionals.

Market research

MESA International, whose members includes representatives from manufacturing companies, IT hardware and software suppliers, system integrators, consultants and others, is not the only organization that has recognized the importance of MES/MOM. A recently released report from Frost & Sullivan (, a global market research firm, for example, notes that in today’s post-recession environment, process and discrete industries alike are finding it challenging to drive operational improvements, optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint without an impact on net profitability.  

The only effective way to tackle these issues is shop-floor-to-top-floor connectivity, says the October 2010 Frost & Sullivan report, titled "World Manufacturing Execution Systems Market." Bringing manufacturing software solutions on board will connect the individual silos of information and drive a seamless flow of data and actionable intelligence, the report says.

For its new education program, MESA International said that a large portion of the training materials are derived from 20 Methodology Papers developed by the International Society of Automation’s ISA95 Best Practices Working Group, and from MESA Guidebooks. Following are the course overviews for the two certificate programs:
MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC) Program Courses
1. Manufacturing Operations Models and Integration Standards (3 hours)
2. The Role of MES/MOM System in Continuous Improvement and the Collaborative Pull Supply Chain (2 hours)
3. Manufacturing Transformation Strategy: Maturity and Roadmap Modeling (3 hours)
4. Metric Framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI): Aligning Financial and Operations Metrics (4 hours)
5. MES/MOM System Justification and ROI Assessment (4 hours)
6. MES/MOM SOW, RFP and Product Evaluation Method (4 hours)
7. Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture Overview (SOA for Manufacturing) (4 hours)
8. MES/MOM Implementation and Governance: MES/MOM System Requirement Specifications, GAMP and Industrial System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methods (4 hours)
9. MES/MOM Project Management Techniques (4 hours).

MESA Certificate of Awareness (CoA)Program Courses
1. Strategic Relationships between MES/MOM, ERP, PLM, Supply Chain, BPM and Automation Initiatives (2 hours)
2. Market Requirement for Adaptive MES/MOM Systems based on Industry Standards (2 hours)
3. Manufacturing Transformation Strategy: Maturity and Roadmap Modeling (1 hour)
4. Justifying Manufacturing Operations System to Business Leaders (3 hours)
5. The Role of MES/MOM Systems in Continuous Improvement and the Collaborative Pull Supply Chain (1 hour)
6. Metric Framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI): Aligning Financial and Operations Metrics (2 hours)
7. The Influence of Management Philosophy on MES/MOM Deployment and Governance (2 hours)
8. Choose the Right Solution: MES/MOM SOW, RFP and Product Evaluation Methods (2 hours)
9. MES/MOM Project Management Techniques (1 hours)

Course dates and locations are:
Chicago: CoC, March 7-11; CoA; March 14-15, 16-17
Sydney, Australia: CoC, April 5-8; CoA April 11-12.
Melbourne, Australia: CoA, April 14-15; CoC, April 18-21.
Philadelphia: CoC, April 5-8; CoA, April 11-12
San Francisco: CoA, May 5-6; CoC, May 9-12
Johannesburg, South Africa: CoC, May 4-7; CoA, May 11-12
Toronto/Mississauga, Ontario, Canada: CoC, May 31-June 3; 2 CoA. June 6-9
Copenhagen: COA, April 7-8
Haarlem, Netherlands: CoA, March 7 & 8
Nuneaton, UK: CoA, 28 Feb & Mar 1
Nuneaton, UK: CoC, 14-17 June
More information can be found on the Web at

“When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0,” by Charlie Gifford, Editor and Contributing Author, and architect for the MESA coursework, is also available for additional reading. The book, published by the ISA, is based on the ISA95 Best Practices Working Group’s 20 Methodology Papers. ISA member price is $99, while non-members can purchase it for $109. Information can be found on the Web here. Frost & Sullivan www.frost.comMESA International

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