Enterprise Product Improves Wireless Network Security

A new release introduces new threat detection, threat response and impact analysis methods.

AirMagnet Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., has announced a major new release of its AirMagnet Enterprise, a solution for continuous wireless local area network (LAN) security and management. Enterprise 8.0 allows customers to provide better protection for their wireless environments and to do so more efficiently, the company says. 

According the company, the system detects and defends against the latest classes of wireless LAN exploits, delivers the industry’s only forensic analysis for spectrum/RF threats and introduces a complete threat intelligence system to classify and prioritize all wireless events for simple management. 

“Security is a critical concern for our business and ensuring the integrity of the wireless LAN can often be a complicated and challenging task,” said Tony Akens, network system administrator at Elkhart General Hospital, in Elkhart, Ind. “AirMagnet Enterprise gives us full-time visibility and protection from wireless security threats so we can manage the network effectively and utilize the key business applications that are critical to our business.” 

Threat scoring 

The 8.0 version adds new classes of alarms to detect and identify the latest attack tools and strategies, and provides enterprise-wide threat scoring to immediately tag the most serious wireless vulnerabilities. It also features advanced spectrum forensics, enabling information technology (IT) staff to capture the raw evidence of interference or Layer 1 denial-of-service attacks, and improved threat tracing to help IT organizations zero-in on new security challenges. 

The multi-dimensional, proactive wireless LAN (WLAN) defense of AirMagnet Enterprise 8.0 automatically traces and classifies all wireless devices and suppresses both wireless and wire-side threats, says the vendor. A new threat scoring and impact analysis system lets IT staff quickly see the most serious security and performance issues, track important users or devices, track daily changes in overall security posture and viewi in-depth policy and compliance reports. The new WEP Shield feature that provides active protection for WEP (for Wired Equivilant Privacy) devices by preventing the use of various hacking tools used to obtain or “crack” the static WEP keys.


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