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Tools for InTouch Released

The ecosystem around Wonderware’s newly announced InTouch 10.0 and System Platform 3.0 is beginning to appear with these tools from Software Toolbox.

Software Toolbox Inc., the Matthews, N.C.-based provider of developer tools, announced Symbol Factory for ArchestrA, designed exclusively for Wonderware’s new InTouch 10 Visualization platform. The product brings more than 4,000 vector graphic scalable objects in more than 60 categories into the new InTouch 10 ArchestrA Symbol Editor.  

With vertical market symbols for chemical, building automation, finishing, mining, pulp & paper, process, water & wastewater, wire & cable and more, Symbol Factory for ArchestrA empowers users of InTouch 10 with vector objects that can be animated for use standalone or with other ArchestrA symbols and System Platform Application Objects. Also included is a range of pre-animated objects that InTouch 10 designers can use as is, or as a basis for their own business specific solutions. 

The company’s TOP Server Device Integration software also now supports the new Wonderware InTouch 10 and System Platform 3 offerings announced recently by Wonderware. TOP Server provides serial and Ethernet connectivity to over 100 device types with specific integrations to Wonderware’s InTouch 10 and System Platform 3 to ease development and device connectivity.  

TOP Server connects with Wonderware’s applications using Suitelink or OPC interfaces. TOP Server’s advanced flexible configuration features maximize the types of devices users can connect to Wonderware products and field proven solutions have scaled to over 100,000 tags when used with Wonderware System Platform. TOP Server is the device integration solution of choice for major users such as Dow, SA Breweries, Impala Platinum and other Fortune 500 companies. 

In a third announcement, Software Toolbox announced that its OmniServer Universal Device Integration software supports the new Wonderware InTouch 10 and System Platform 3 offerings from Wonderware. OmniServer is an input/output device (I/O) server that empowers the user to build their own device integration driver without programming to talk to various serial or Ethernet devices that do not already have drivers written. No programming is required to use OmniServer. All configuration is done through a point-and-click user interface.

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