Take Aim at Manufacturing Strategies

Murmurs from the executive suite and boardroom have an unsettling tone. What strategies will help get manufacturing back in the black?

Whether it’s culture changes derived from lean thinking, operating equipment effectiveness calculations or plant-to-enterprise information integration, this issue of Automation World explores strategies that manufacturing professionals can use to improve performance and quality.

More than a simple toolbox or even a set of principles, lean thinking can help a company change its culture from one of reaction to one of continuous improvement. Automation World Editor In Chief Gary Mintchell shows how several professionals have made the effort to improve their businesses, in an article beginning on page 34.

Calculating the numerical result of the equation for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) provides an indicator of plant health, and points the way to productivity gains. OEE is the product of ratios of availability, performance and quality. In an article beginning on page 41, Automation World Contributing Editor James Koelsch shows how this indicator has contributed to plant success.

A strategy for controlling inventory is crucial to plant profitability. Automation World Contributing Editor Rob Spiegel shows how integrating plant and enterprise information makes for better inventory control and fewer shutdowns, in an article beginning on page 46.

This issue also includes a special report on how intelligent sensing system applications have saved companies money by reducing automated guided vehicle collisions. Automation World Managing Editor Wes Iversen reveals the secrets in an article beginning on page 50.

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