Emerson Automates Jubilant Life Sciences Plant in India

July 11, 2012
The integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences company automated three plants with the PlantWeb digital plant architecture and related systems.

Pharmaceutical  company Jubilant Life Sciences has chosen process automation technologies and services from Emerson Process Management to help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve efficiency at three manufacturing plants in Gujarat state, India.

"We are setting up world-class manufacturing facilities," said Mukul Dixit, senior vice president, Projects at Jubilant Life Sciences. "Emerson’s team brought the process automation expertise we needed to meet global standards, and their solutions have equipped us to significantly improve the automation level and enhance our plant efficiency."

Jubilant Life Sciences, an integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences company that is part of the Jubilant Bhartia Group.  Dixit said it is the largest custom research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) player out of India, and a leading Drug Discovery and Development Solution (DDDS) provider ranked No. 6 among the top 10 global contract manufacturing & services outsourcing players of the pharmaceutical industry, according to UNCTAD.

Emerson recently completed installation of its PlantWeb digital plant architecture at the three Gujarat plants, which included DeltaV digital automation systems, Rosemount measurement instruments, and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software.

Emerson previously automated Jubilant Life Sciences process plants in India’s Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra states. "The DeltaV system’s advanced batch-control capabilities enable agile manufacturing to help companies like Jubilant Life Sciences meet real-time demands," said Amit Paithankar, Managing Director and Vice President, Emerson Process Management, India. "We appreciate Jubilant’s continued confidence in our technologies as well as our life-sciences expertise."

Fifteen out of the top 20 life science companies in India use Emerson technologies, said Paithankar. Across India, more than 275 DeltaV systems have been installed for customers in industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, refining, metals, and life sciences, he added. Emerson has more than 8,500 employees and 15 manufacturing facilities serving its businesses that operate in India.

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