Oil and Gas Asset Lifecycle Management Cooperation

DNV GL is combining its deep technical domain expertise from oil and gas operations with Siemens’ product lifecycle management technology to further the industry's digitalization goals.

Source: DNV GL
Source: DNV GL

When technical adviser DNV GL released its annual outlook for the oil and gas industry earlier this year, it was clear that oil and gas companies were relying increasingly on digitalization to improve profitability and reduce risk. The annual survey revealed that almost half of senior oil and gas executives believe digitalization is necessary to boost profitability, with 39 percent expecting digitalization to increase at their companies this year.

DNV GL is collaborating with Siemens PLM Software to support that increasing focus on digital transformation—using Siemens’ Teamcenter digital lifecycle management software to help its customers manage the safety and performance of all information over their asset lifecycles. Combining Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) technology with DNV GL’s deep technical domain knowledge in oil and gas operations will help the two parties create a powerful digital asset model.

The asset information lifecycle—from feasibility stage through end of life—suffers from disparity of information formats and no single source of essential asset information among owners, operators, designers, yards and manufacturers. This leads to cost, quality and safety issues in engineering, operations and asset modifications.

“DNV GL’s deep technical expertise is involved in all stages of the asset lifecycle, supporting customers in optimizing their performance, and ensuring safe and reliable operations,” said Elisabeth Tørstad, CEO for DNV GL – Oil & Gas. “By working with Siemens and its Teamcenter software, our customers will be able to save time in reviewing critical asset lifecycle information and work more collaboratively with industry partners.”

DNV GL’s customers will be able to access automated compliance-checking, benchmarking and data mining capabilities through an online self-service portal, Tørstad noted. The portal will use Siemens’ Active Workspace for Teamcenter software, which provides a streamlined and intuitive user experience across operating systems and computing devices to facilitate smarter decision-making.

“With the rise of digitalization, improved collaboration will enable the industry to transform to meet the demands of the new era and become profitable,” said Joe Bohman, senior vice president of lifecycle collaboration software for Siemens PLM Software. “The backbone of Siemens’ Teamcenter software is product lifecycle management, the ability to manage large volumes of complex information integrated with engineering tools over the lifecycle from cradle to grave.”


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