Packaging OEM Adds to Smart Factory Offering

A partnership between SIG and ProLeiT enables the joint development of digital factory technologies for the food and beverage industry.

Packaging OEM Adds to Smart Factory Offering
Packaging OEM Adds to Smart Factory Offering

Many manufacturers and machine builders in the food and beverage industry are still sorting out how to apply technology to transform traditional operations into an agile digital factory. It some ways, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of suppliers and integrators to show them the way to digitization. And, many times, that means forming new partnerships.

The latest alliance joins together SIG, a provider of packaging products and technologies, and ProLeiT, a manufacturing execution system (MES) supplier. Last month, the two announced a strategic partnership that will allow the companies to combine their expertise for the joint development of an MES offering tailored to food and beverage manufacturers.

This builds upon SIG’s Smart Factory offering. The OEM has an eye on delivering smarter filling lines using the Internet of Things (IoT). SIG can implement a single system or a complete packaging line that includes design, engineering, automation and intelligence.

For its part, ProLeiT’s Plant iT technology can control and monitor plant processes, from data acquisition, process control, liquid handling and batch systems to functions for complete, location-independent production management and integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and maintenance systems.

“Digitization is an important issue for all companies today, and the Internet of Things is constantly increasing in scope and relevance,” said Thomas Wunderlich, ProLeiT’s vice president of sales for the dairies and beverages industry. “It’s therefore crucial for us to work with partners who develop innovative technologies and strategies together with us when implementing new application scenarios.”

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