HMI and SCADA Software for Machine Builders and OEMs

April 23, 2020
ADISRA SmartView 4.0 allows users to develop effective interfaces displaying the critical information they need to deploy, monitor, and analyze a machine’s operation and overall status.

The software provides the flexibility to design interfaces that are personalized and informative. These interfaces can be linked to manuals, drawings, animations, and videos to assist in operation and troubleshooting. The software is built on Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML5) so displays are automatically optimized for target devices, and is scalable to support Industrial Internet of Things applications. The package delivers all the features expected of a modern human-machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition package for rich visualization, connectivity, interoperability, scalability, and integration with other applications. its intuitive, easy-to-use, integrated development environment provides the tools needed for efficient application building.

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