White Paper: MTS Sensors Improve Cooling Process Reliability in Heat Exchange Applications

Jan. 9, 2007
MTS Sensors C- and G- Series sensors improve cooling process reliability in heat exchange applications.
MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division’s C- and G-Series sensors are now being utilized in heat exchange applications as a means of measuring and ensuring the proper amount of cooling fluid in the system. The liquidlevel sensors are used to measure the level of cooling fluid in the reservoir to preserve proper levels, ensuring cooling efficiency and lowering down time. These sensors are a cost-effective solution for injection molding machine chillers and other types of plastic molding application chillers.In a chiller, a liquid, such as a glycol and water mix, transfers process heat from the equipment via a coil or heat exchanger immersed in the liquid. A heat transfer medium, such as a refrigerant, removes heat from the liquid. The chilling liquid is held in a reservoir, which can also be where the heat exchange takes place. In the plastics industry, for example, chillers are vital in the injection molding process, where they are used to cool down the mold and equipment after the mold has been filled. MTS liquidlevel sensors are ideal for this application because they include IP67 stainless steel housing, which is compatible with most cooling fluid solutions. Other housings, such as various types of plastic, are also available.Review the case study