NORD Offers Versatile, Robust Drive Solutions for the Baking Industry

Jan. 4, 2021
With its lightweight, corrosion-resistant gear units, smooth surface motors, and variable frequency drives, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a powerful partner for the baking industry.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers efficient and hygienic drive solutions for the baking industry, meeting their special requirements for hygiene, reliability, and robustness. This includes agitators, conveyor systems, weighing and filling plants, packaging machinery, and more. NORD’s innovative variable frequency drive technology guarantees high positioning accuracy and safe implementation of dynamic sequences. The drive units can also be controlled individually, for example, they can regulate kneading and conveyer speeds in order to prevent blockages or control the dough process. Due to their modular structure, NORD drive units are also service and maintenance friendly. For the baking industry, addition of the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion treatment provides an outstanding anti-corrosion treatment for gear units, smooth surface motors, variable frequency drives, and motor starters with cast aluminum housings for extra protection in washdown environments. The fan-less smooth surface motors do not spread germs and operate with very low noise.

Strong Drive Packages for Mixing and Agitating Applications
CLINCHERTM Parallel Shaft Gear Units and the UNICASE Helical Bevel Gear Units are ideally suited for the demands of mixing and agitating applications. With torque capacities of 638,000 lb-in and 442,000 lb-in respectively along with extensive input designs and mounting options, NORD has the best fit for any application. They can also be supplied with food-grade mineral or synthetic oil and bearing lubricants as well as a variety of gearbox and motor washdown protection options. These products are extremely low maintenance with long service life. When combined with NORD drive electronics, you have a complete, reliable package from a single source.

Robust Equipment Options
NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers application-specific equipment options that combine high performance and efficiency without the need for costly custom components. Each drive unit is specifically configured for the application it will be used for, such as agitators and mixers with high process-related radial and axial bearing loads. This includes an agitator version (VL2) with increased bearing distance and reinforced output shaft bearing, as well as a Drywell version (VL3) with additional oil slinger, dry cavity, and oil leak detection port.

Additionally, within NORD’s paint portfolio, NSDF3 and NSDF3+ food duty paint is typically used for food production and packaging areas. This makes it the perfect solution for the bakery industry due to its compliance with environmental regulations and corrosion prevention. The paint systems used by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are resistant to chemicals and have been tested for their resistance to all common substances which could have a negative effect on the environment. NORD paints are food-safe while being USDA and NSF compliant. 

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