METZ CONNECT’s M12 A-Code Connectors

May 20, 2021

METZ CONNECT has expanded the M12 product range to include A-code variants designed for all transmissions on the sensor and actuator level. Similar to the X- and D-code circuit board sockets, the A-code products are available as front wall and rear wall mounting, completely assembled, or as a kit. For use in an industrial environment, some variants meet the requirements of IP67 when not plugged in, so your device is leakproof even if no plug or protective cap is connected.

The circuit board inserts are also available on tape on reel with a Kapton film as an assembly aid for high-volume device production and circuit board assembly. Standard 15 inch reels with 160 pieces per reel are used.

A significant advantage of this product family is that all PCB sockets and inserts (A-, D- and X-code) have the same height and can be mixed on one PCB. In addition, the printed circuit board sockets have a latching mechanism that holds them securely and reliably in the housing or flange, so additional fixing of the printed circuit board in the surrounding housing is no longer necessary. At this time, 4, 5, and 8 pole versions of the A-code are included.

The range of connection cables is also being expanded to include A-code products in 4, 5, and 8-pole versions. They are available as plugs and sockets as well as straight and angled. PUR and PVC cable options are available to meet the many profile requirements on the market.

We have a new configurator on our website to make it easy to select and compile your solution. Your configuration is created with just a few clicks, and after completion, you will immediately receive a corresponding part number for your inquiry. In addition to a wide portfolio of standard 1, 2, 5, and 10 m lengths, there is also the option of customizing lengths between 0.2 and 100 m, with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces.  


  • Leak-tight, according to IP67, when not plugged in, for use in an industrial environment – even without a protective cap/plug.
  • Circuit board inserts available on tape on reel with a Kapton film as an assembly aid.
  • PCB sockets/inserts have the same overall height and can be mixed on one PCB.
  • The latching mechanism of the PCB sockets enables a firm hold in the housing/flange – additional fixing is not necessary.


  • Industrial Controls
  • Industrial Communications
  • Robotics
  • Building Automation
  • Camera and Vision Systems
  • Medical
  • Security
  • IoT
  • 5G

More information on our website here.

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