LTTS launches Industry4.NOW to help global manufacturers scale their digital initiatives

Feb. 6, 2020
LTTS’ new framework unveils lineup of Digital Manufacturing Solutions that can unlock value based digital transformation.

L&T Technology Services (LTTS), a leading global pure-play engineering services provider, has launched its latest framework for Industry 4.0 that seeks to address the problem of scalability challenges, diminishing roles of humans and uncertain return on investments faced by manufacturing industry participants around the globe.

The digital framework termed as Industry 4.NOW addresses these challenges by adopting a solution-based, human-centric scalable approach to smart factories. 

In the post-modern age of Industry 4.0, many manufacturers are overhauling traditional factory setups by infusing technologies based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At the same time, they often limit digital manufacturing strategies to a few factory lines or PoCs, unable to scale with certainty.

According to LTTS’ research into Industry 4.0 in 2019, whilst 54% of those interviewed identified use cases for digital manufacturing, just 9% are actually scaling digital at an enterprise level.

Interactions with industry participants thus reveal the lack of a coherent digital strategy in many cases, as enterprises become entangled in a next-to-impossible roadmap. Uncertainty is stalling innovation.

The major challenge as LTTS sees it, is to design an approach that is more human-centric and RoI-driven – and one that makes it possible to scale digital in a factory setup.

Industry 4.NOW the latest framework from the LTTS stable does exactly that by putting the focus on Digital Manufacturing Solutions integrating Product Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, Asset Management and Product Information Management thereby creating a value-based digital transformation roadmap.

Here is a brief on some of the exciting solutions of Industry4.NOW that have resulted in proven benefits for manufacturers across the globe.

Golden Batch

-      A solution developed by LTTS to effectively manage, benchmark and optimize batches with optimized run cost. Its intelligent analytics helps identifying various bottlenecks in production and causes of poor batch quality and output quantity.

Avertle (Predictive maintenance)

-       A condition-based equipment maintenance platform that employs machine learning principles in predictive analytics to proactively notify operators about potential machine failure. This is a product deployed in over 20 customer projects across the globe and has more than 250 sensorized industrial equipment.

-       LTTS designed the hardware gateway and software which are deployed on the customer’s industrial assets.

Factory Design and Simulation

-       The factory digital simulation team creates discrete virtual models of the customer factory and ensures that they are operating at peak efficiency before the start of production. Customers can foresee the outcome of plans within virtual environments and scenarios and avoid wasting valuable resources fixing problems within their real plants.

Energy Manager

-       Energy Manager is a comprehensive data driven utility conservation solution to reduce operational expenses, measure on-site data, conduct audits, and perform analysis. Energy Manager helps in energy saving opportunity in areas of water, air, fuel, electricity, and steam and assists in real-time monitoring for plant KPIs via digitalized dashboards, which ultimately helps to streamline energy and waste-water management.

Lean IQ

-       LTTS offers Lean manufacturing solutions as a complete package to industries focusing on improving productivity. Lean tools & solutions developed by LTTS engineers help understand the constraints of specific industries and identify obscure factors using a 3M model analysis. LTTS conducted a lean study implementation for a major US-based agriculture equipment manufacturer, undertaking work measurement for the whole factory outlet and optimizing resource utilization count by over 31%.


-       OEED solution has been designed to combat downtime of production lines. It is an effective web-based manufacturing intelligence solution that gives visibility into the manufacturing operations, evaluates the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and performs downtime analysis of a production line by integrating and analyzing all data into a single decision support system. Line OEED allows the users to access data from anywhere, including shop floor devices, PCs, mobile phones, or tablets.

LTTS will be demonstrating these solutions at its Booth in the ARC Orlando Forum at Renaissance Sea World. 

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